EUSFLAT 2017  Wednesday, September 13, 2017
TIME\ROOM Malwa (Mallow) Stokrotka (Daisy) Konwalia (Lily) Jagoda (Blackberry) Poziomka (Strawberry)
 9:00-17:00 Registration
 9:00-09:45 Keynote: J. Montero Keynote: G. Chen  
 9:45-10:30 Keynote: R. Mesiar Keynote: R. Aliev
10:30-11:00 Coffee break
11:00-12:40 Data analysis Special session 2 Special session 3(3) Special session 4 Industrial applications
12:40-14:10 Lunch break
14:10-15:30 Special session 9(2) Special session 7(3) Special session 3(4) Special session 1(3) Statistics/Probability
15:30-16:00 Coffee break
16:00-17:00 Special session 8(1) Panel session to commemorate
late Professor
Witold Kosiński
Awards session Special session 1(4) Special session 5(1).
19:00-… Banquet
11:00-12:40 Data analysis Special session 2 Special session 3(3) Special session 4 Industrial applications
11:00 216 Miguel Couceiro, Didier  Dubois, Henri Prade, Agnes Rico: Enhancing the expressive power of Sugeno integrals for qualitative data analysis 115 Carlos Lopez-Molina, Javier Montero, Humberto Bustince, Bernard De Baets: Gradient fusion operators for vector-valued image processing 130 Cengiz  Kahraman, Basar Oztaysi, Sezi Cevik Onar: Multicriteria Scoring Methods Using Pythagorean Fuzzy Sets 40 Emilio Torres-Manzanera, Susana Montes, Irene Diaz, Lucia Zapico, Baltasar Gil: Power Means in Success Likelihood Index Method 156 Suntiti Yoomak, Chaichan Pothisarn, Chaiyan Jettanasen, Atthapol Ngaopitakkul: Investigation and Reduction of Effects of Transient Signals for Switching Capacitor into a Power System by Using an Experimental Test Set
11:20 47 Olgierd Hryniewicz: Possibilistic Analysis of Bayesian Estimators when Imprecise Prior Information is Described by Shadowed Sets 160 Marek Gągolewski, Simon James: Fitting Symmetric Fuzzy Measures for Discrete Sugeno Integration 165 Sezi Cevik Onar, Basar Oztaysi, Cengiz Kahraman: Dynamic Intuitionistic Fuzzy Evaluation of Entrepreneurial  Support in Countries 169 M. Eugenia Cornejo, David Lobo, Jesus Medina: Measuring the incoherent information in Multi-adjoint Normal Logic Programs 85 Veysel Coban, Sezi Cevik Onar: Selection of Solar Power Plant under Solar Fuzzy Economics
11:40 110 Pavel Rusnok, Michal Burda: Global quality measures for fuzzy association rule bases 71 Raquel Gonzalez del Pozo, Jose Luis  Garcia-Lapresta, David Perez-Roman: Clustering U.S. 2016 presidential candidates through linguistic appraisals 185 Sezi Cevik Onar, Basar Oztaysi, Cengiz Kahraman: Hesitant Fuzzy Evaluation of System Requirements in Job Matching Platform Design 142 Vera  Miler Jerkovc, Biljana Mihailovic, Branko Malesevic: A new method for solving square fuzzy linear systems 152 Suntiti Yoomak, Chaichan Pothisarn, Chaiyan Jettanasen, Atthapol Ngaopitakkul: Discrete Wavelet Transform and Fuzzy Logic Algorithm for Classification of Fault Type in Underground Cable
12:00 74 Gisella Facchinetti, Giovanni Mastroleo, Tommaso Pirotti: Quality of Daily Work & Life Index - A definition and its evaluation in a fuzzy way 38 Mikael Collan, Pasi Luukka, Jozsef Mezei: Real Option Analysis with Interval-Valued Fuzzy Numbers and the Fuzzy Pay-off Method 69 Basar Oztaysi, Sezi Cevik Onar, Cengiz Kahraman: Prioritization of Business Analytics Projects using Interval Type-2 fuzzy AHP 177 Marek Landowski: Usage of RDM Interval Arithmetic for Solving Cubic Interval Equation 144 Paria Shams Ghahfarokhi, Naser Ghasem Aghaee, Ehsan Taheri: A Novel Fuzzy Approach for Manager Selection in Organizations through Multi agent Simulation with Personal Characteristics
12:20 98 Weijie Jiang, Qiang Wei, Guoqing Chen: A Dynamic Bayesian Network based Collaborative Filtering Model for Multi-stage Recommendation 36 Maciej Romaniuk: Insurance Portfolio Containing a Catastrophe Bond and an External Help with Imprecise Level---a Numerical Analysis 112 Basar Oztaysi, Sezi Cevik Onar, Cengiz Kahraman: Integrated Call center performance measurement using Hierarchical Intuitionistic Fuzzy Axiomatic Design 129 Mohammad Ali  Fariborzi Araghi, Eisa Zarei: Dynamical control of computations using the iterative methods to solve fully fuzzy linear systems  
14:10-15:30 Special session 9(2) Special session 7(3) Special session 3(4) Special session 1(3) Statistics/Probability
14:10 139 Amanda Vidal, Lluis Godo, Francesc Esteva: On finite-valued bimodal logics with an application to reasoning about preferences 189 Daniel Paternain, Aranzazu Jurio, Javier Ruiz-Aranguren, Maria Minarova, Zdenko Takac, Humberto Bustince: Optimized fuzzy transform for image compression 183 Ignacio Montes, Susana Montes, Nikhil Pal: On the use of divergences for defining entropies for Atanassov Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets 113 Slavka Bodjanova, Martin Kalina: Uninorms on bounded lattices 120 Pasi Luukka, Jan Stoklasa, Mikael Collan: Transformation of variance to possibilistic variance and vice versa
14:30 159 Vilem Novak: Towards Fuzzy Type Theory with Partial Functions 192 Ainara Lopez-Maestresalas, Carlos Lopez-Molina, Claudia Perez-Roncal, Silvia Arazuri, Humberto Bustince, Carmen Jaren: Fuzzy edge detection on hyperspectral images using Upper and Lower operators 188 Claudia Gonzalez, Patricia Melin, Oscar Castillo: Toward General Type-2 Fuzzy Logic Systems Based on Shadowed Sets 161 Pawel Drygas, Anna Krol: Ordinal sum of fuzzy implications fulfilling left ordering property 205 Przemyslaw Grzegorzewski: The Mann-Whitney test for interval-valued data
14:50 164 Petra Murinova, Michal Burda, Viktor Pavliska: Undefined Values in Fuzzy Logic 206 Petr Hurtik, Marek Vajgl: Edge Detection Competition - Algorithms Based on Image Represented by a Fuzzy Function 94 Ali Karasan, Cengiz Kahraman: Interval-Valued Neutrosophic Extension of EDAS Method 181 Wanda Niemyska, Michal Baczynski, Szymon Wasowicz: Sheffer Stroke Fuzzy Implications 187 Ondrej Pavlacka, Pavla Rotterova: Fuzzy Decision Matrices in Case of a Discrete Underlying Fuzzy Probability Measure
15:10 114 Stefano Aguzzoli, Matteo Bianchi, Diego Valota: The classification of all the subvarieties of DNMG 210 Vojtech Molek: Image contours detection with deep features and SVM 61 Ozlem Senvar, Erdinc Guvenc: Case Study for Customer Oriented Performance Rankings of Service Departments in a Company via Hesitant Fuzzy AHP 106 Emel Asici: Some remarks on an order induced by uninorms 182 Linh Nguyen, Michal Holcapek: Higher Degree Fuzzy Transform: Application to Stationary Processes and Noise Reduction
16:00-17:00 Special session 8(1) EUSFLAT’17 Special Panel Session to commemorate
the work and life of late Professor Witold Kosiński
16:00 - 18:00
Awards session Special session 1(4) Special session 5(1).
16:00 53 Juan Antonio Morente-Molinera, Ignacio Javier Perez , Francisco Javier Cabrerizo, Sergio Alonso, Enrique Herrera-Viedma: Using Group Decision Making Methods to extract experts knowledge 109 Laura De Miguel, Humberto Bustince, Bernard De Baets: Convolution on bounded lattices 100 Gul Deniz Cayli: Characterizing ordinal sum for t-norms and t-conorms on bounded lattices 63 Jose Miguel Adanez, Basil Mohammed Al-Hadithi, Agustin Jimenez, Fernando Matia: Optimal control of a ball and beam nonlinear model based on Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy model
16:20 117 M.J. Cobo, I.J. Perez, F.J. Cabrerizo, S. Alonso, E. Herrera-Viedma: Co-words Analysis of the Last Ten Years of the Fuzzy Decision Making Research Area 198 Andre Carvalho, Pavel Calado, Joao Paulo Carvalho: Fuzzy Fingerprints for Item-Based Collaborative Filtering 107 Emel Asici: Some notes on F-partial order 64 Francisco Javier Gutierrez Garcia , Silvia Alayon Miranda , Eduardo Gonzalez Diaz , Pedro Perez Diaz : Fuzzy model for the prediction of the dosage of cement mortars
16:40 146 Carlos Porcel, Alvaro Tejeda-Lorente, Juan Bernabe-Moreno, Enrique Herrera-Viedma: Analysis of different proposals to improve the dissemination of information in university digital libraries 214 Gang Wang, Bernard De Baets: Edge Detection based on the Fusion of Multiscale Anisotropic Edge Strength Measurements 57 Simeon  Fotso, Romuald Thierry Dzati Kamga, Louis Aime Fono: Metrics of symmetric difference on fuzzy sets  based on R-implicators of the usual families of t-norms 65 German Carlos Gonzalez Rodriguez, Juan Albino Mendez Perez, Belen  Melian Batista, Jose Manuel Gonzalez-Cava: A Fuzzy Modelling Approach to Laundry Industry