EUSFLAT 2017  Friday, September 15, 2017
TIME\ROOM Stokrotka (Daisy) Jagoda (Blackberry) Poziomka (Strawberry) Róża (Rose)
 9:00-13:00 Registration
 9:00-9:45 Keynote: G. De Tré  
 9:50-10:50 Metaheuristics Evidence theory Database management systems Special session 3(7)
10:50-11:20 Coffee break
 11:20-12:05 Keynote: K. Atanassov  
12:10-13:50 Issues in Generalized Nets Aspects of decision making under imperfect information   
13:50-15:15 Lunch break
15:15-16:55 Intuitionistic fuzzy sets  Ordered fuzzy numbers: theory and application  
9:50-10:50 Metaheuristics Evidence theory Database management systems Special session 3(7)
9:50 191 Cinthia Peraza, Fevrier Valdez, Oscar Castillo: Comparative Study of type-1 and interval type-2 fuzzy systems in the fuzzy harmony search algorithm applied to benchmark functions 201 Ahmed Mattar, Marek Z. Reformat: Detecting Anomalous Network Traffic using Evidence Theory 78 Robin De Mol, Guy De Tre: Representing Uncertainty Regarding Satisfaction Degrees Using Possibility Distributions 147 Hatice Ercan Teksen, Ahmet Sermet Anagun: Type 2 Fuzzy Control Charts Using Likelihood and Deffuzzification Methods 
10:10 89 Daniela Sanchez, Patricia Melin, Oscar Castillo: Particle Swarm Optimization with Fuzzy Dynamic Parameters Adaptation for Modular Granular Neural Networks 178 Ekaterina Kutynina, Alexander Lepskiy: Aggregation of Forecasts and Recommendations of Financial Analysts in the Framework of Evidence Theory 126 Ramon Alberto Carrasco, Maria Francisca Blasco, Jesus Garcia-Madariaga, Enrique Herrera-Viedma: Integrating a Tourism Service Quality Evaluation Linguistic Multi-Criteria Decision Making Model into a Relational Database Management System 166 Irem Otay, Cengiz Kahraman: Six Sigma Project Selection Using Interval Neutrosophic TOPSIS
10:30 96 Camilo  Caraveo, Fevrier Valdez, Oscar Castillo: A new optimization metaheuristic based on the self-defense techniques of natural plants applied to the CEC2015 benchmark functions  222 Joerg Verstraete, Weronika Radziszewska: Optimal parameter ranges in fuzzy inference systems, applied to spatial data 193 Caro Fuchs, Anna Wilbik, Saskia Van Loon, Arjen-Kars Boer, Uzay Kaymak: An Enhanced Approach to Rule Base Simplification of First-Order Takagi-Sugeno Fuzzy Inference Systems 168 Gulcin Buyukozkan, Fethullah Gocer: Smart Medical Device Selection based on Interval Valued Intuitionistic Fuzzy VIKOR
12:10-13:50 Issues in Generalized Nets Aspects of decision making under imperfect information 
12:10 304 Veselina Bureva, Plamena Yovcheva, Sotir Sotirov: Generalized net model of fingerprint recognition with Intuitionistic Fuzzy Evaluations 307 Paweł Drygaś: Some remarks about idempotent uninorms on complete lattic    
12:30 302 Krassimir T. Atanassov, Evdokia Sotirova and Velin Andonov: Generalized net model of multicriteria decision making procedure, using intercriteria analysis 313 Barbara Pękala: General Preference Structure with Uncertainty Data present by Interval-Valued Fuzzy Relation and used in Decision Making Model    
12:50 315 Evdokia Sotirova, Todor Petkov, Maciej Krawczak: Generalized net modelling of the intuitionistic fuzzy evaluation of the quality assurance in universities 316 Ewa Straszecka: Diagnostic inference with the Dempster-Shafer theory and a fuzzy input    
13:10 314 Olympia Roeva and Vassia Atanassova: Universal generalized net model for description of metaheuristic algorithms: Verification with the bat algorithm 317 Velichka Traneva, Stoian Tranev, Eulalia Szmidt, Krassimir Atanassov: Three dimensional intercriteria analysis over intuitionistic fuzzy data    
13:30   309 Lyubka Doukovska, Vassia Atanassova, Deyan Mavrov, Irina Radeva: Intercriteria analysis of EU competitiveness using the level operator Nγ    
15:15-16:55 Intuitionistic fuzzy sets  Ordered fuzzy numbers: theory and application
15:15 319 Peter Vassilev and Todor Stoyanov: On power mean generated orderings between intuitionistic fuzzy pairs 300 Łukasz Apiecionek, Jacek M. Czerniak, Wojciech Dobrosielski, and Dawid Ewald: Fuzzy Logic Load Balancing For Cloud Architecture Network - Simulation Test
15:35 318 Peter Vassilev and Simeon Ribagin: A note on intuitionistic fuzzy modal-like operators generated by power mean 306 Wojciech T. Dobrosielski, Jacek M. Czerniak, Janusz Szczepański, Hubert Zarzycki: Triangular Expanding, a new defuzzification method on ordered fuzzy numbers
15:55 312 Alžbeta Michalíková and Beloslav Riečan: On Invariant Measures on Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets 310 Dawid Ewald, Jacek M. Czerniak, and Hubert Zarzycki: OFNBee method used for solving a set of benchmarks
16:15 303 Renáta Bartková and Katarína Čunderlíková: About Fisher-Tippett-Gnedenko theorem for intuitionistic fuzzy events 311 Adam Marszałek and Tadeusz Burczyński: Ordered Fuzzy GARCH model for Volatility Forecasting    
16:35 308 Piotr Dworniczak: Some remarks about Crucial and unsolved problems on Atanassov’s intuitionistic fuzzy sets 305 Jacek M. Czerniak, Iwona Filipowicz, and Dawid Ewald: The novel shape normalization operator for fuzzy numbers in OFN notation