The 10th Conference of
the European Society for Fuzzy Logic and Technology

Warsaw, Poland, September 11-15, 2017

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SPECIAL SESSION: Aggregation Functions: Recent Trends and Developments
SPECIAL SESSION: Algorithms for Data Aggregation and Fusion
SPECIAL SESSION: Extensions of Fuzzy Sets in Decision Making
SPECIAL SESSION: Fuzzy Logic, Formal Concept Analysis, Mathematical Morphology and Related Topics
SPECIAL SESSION: Fuzzy Modelling of Dynamic Systems
SPECIAL SESSION: Fuzzy Quantifiers in Fuzzy Natural Logic
SPECIAL SESSION: Image Processing with Fuzzy Techniques and Edge Detection competition
SPECIAL SESSION: Intelligent Decision Making Systems and Consensus
SPECIAL SESSION: Mathematical Fuzzy Logic
SPECIAL SESSION: Representing and Managing Vagueness: Different Scenarios, Different Tools
SPECIAL SESSION: Soft Computing in Database Management and Information Retrieval
Affective computing
Applications in business and economics
Applications in humanities and social sciences
Applications in technology
Approximate reasoning
Artificial intelligence
Big data processing
Cognitive modeling
Computational Intelligence
Data aggregation and fusion
Database management and querying
Decision support systems
Decision theory
Extensions of fuzzy sets
Forecasting and time series modeling
Fuzzy control
Fuzzy logic
Fuzzy methods in statistics and imprecise probabilities
Fuzzy relations
Image processing
Information retrieval
Knowledge representation and knowledge engineering
Linguistic data summarization
Linguistic modeling
Machine learning
Mathematics of fuzzy logic
Natural language processing, generation and understanding
Neuro-fuzzy systems
Operational research
Other applications
Philosophical foundations of fuzzy logic
Possibility theory and applications
Rough sets theory
Semantic web
Similarity analyses
Social networks
Uncertainty modeling